Choosing an engine or a programming language to start

A question that is very common among newbies is "What engine/language should I start with?". They are confused since they are drowned in a huge number of technologies. They have questions floating in their heads all the time. "What are the advantages of C++, comparing to C#? Why should I choose CryEngine instead of Unreal? How will I survive if I use Unity?" Continue reading Choosing an engine or a programming language to start

Unity's [SerializeField] demystified

Hi there, Unity developers!

As you work with Unity Editor, you use the Inspector window pretty frequently. From here, you can do many things in order to have your Unity game works as intended, such as modifying graphics quality, increasing the value of gravity, or changing a texture's import settings. But I believe most of us spend most of our time with Inspector window to tweak our GameObjects and their values. For programmers, in Unity 101 lessons, we learned that a public attribute would show up in the Inspector window.

However, making an attribute public is not always healthy for your code... Continue reading Unity's [SerializeField] demystified

Job positions in a game studio

When you read this post, I will assume that you are a newbie who is looking for a career path in the game development industry. This reminds me of myself two years ago (from January 2017, when this post was written), when I was a third-year student looking for an internship opportunity in Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam. I had no idea what would I do if I apply for a job in a game studio, what skills I should sharpen, and - I am not proud to say this - how a game is made. Hopefully, this post would help you to decide which position is your desired one.

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