Giang’s Resume

About me

My name is Giang Tung Tong (in Vietnamese: Tống Tùng Giang). I am a game programmer from Hanoi, Vietnam, with four years of professional game programming experience, ranging from story-based FPS to fast-paced online shooter and idle RPG. I consider myself a combination of a passionate and disciplined attitude and a clever brain. My solutions are created by smartly combining my knowledge in computer science and mathematics.

You can contact me via one of the following media:

  • Email:
  • Cellphone:  (+84) 38 7403631
  • LinkedIn:
  • Skype: tongtunggiang

My Experience

Gameplay Programmer – Hiker Games, Hanoi, Vietnam

June 2017 to present

Undisclosed prototypes.

  • Working with Unity’s IMGUI (Intermediate Mode GUI) to create various gameplay configuration tools for game designers.
  • Write a complete solution for grid-based levels (hexagon and square), including level editors, configuration systems and a custom A*-based pathfinding solution.
  • Write code with hard deadlines to catch, while still being able to keep close attention to code maintainability and reusability.

Project: Arena of Survivors

  • Development process used Unity 2017, Photon Unity SDK, Photon Quantum SDK.
  • Take the main responsibility for most gameplay tasks, including input handler, core mechanics, network replication and data structures.
  • Assists teammates on other work, such as UI development or development tools in free time in the office.
  • Lead the learning and adapting process of Exit Games’ Photon Unity Network SDK, and later, Quantum Deterministic SDK for the team.
  • Build a successful workflow based on git branching and Jenkins automated builds.
  • Get myself familiar with a wide range of concepts along the way, including (notably) the Entity-Component-System (ECS) programming model, C# unsafe code, network optimization, and CI/CD environment.
  • Perform network and gameplay optimization.

Project: FZ9 Timeshift

  • Development process used Unity 5.6.
  • Fix legacy bugs and refactor spaghetti code pieces.
  • Work closely with game designers to deliver new features and content.
  • Design and develop data structures to store configurations of new PvP mode, where players build their base to store their gold and get more of that by invading others’ bases.
  • Expand the replay feature for the new PvP mode, where players can check how did other ones solve their formation.
  • Design and program new features with code cleanness in mind.
  • Using FSM and State pattern to create the boss of the story mode’s chapter 7.

Programmer, Tofu Games, Hanoi, Vietnam

October 2016 to June 2017

  • Development process used Unity 5.6.
  • Refactor old ugly code base.
  • Develop gameplay systems: player combat system, enemy system and weapon system.
  • Develop a simple 2D timeline system to play 2D cutscenes that can be triggered by various conditions.
  • Create a data-oriented behaviour tree system for NPCs.
  • Design and program data structures for storing player progress and inventories.
  • Apply the git-branching model and train other teammates to use that.
  • Assist other programmers when they need technical advice or a solution.
  • Perform game optimizations

Intern Programmer, Hiker Games

May 2015 to May 2016
  • Create game prototypes, based on ideas submitted by senior studio members.
  • Improve the gameplay experience by suggesting and implementing modifications.

My Strengths

  • Strong knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, including computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and physics.
  • Good understanding of C# and C++.
  • Comfortable with Unity and Unreal Engine 4.
  • Familiar with software engineering practices and environments, such as version control software, bug tracking tools or sprint plans.
  • Strong knowledge about OOP and design patterns.
  • Excellent debugging skills.
  • Able to see the project as a whole, analyze and evaluate the pros and cons while designing solutions.
  • Possess a strong willingness and get better by learning and sharing.
  • Very responsible, disciplined and passionate.
  • Able to deliver efficient cross-department communications.


  • Kingston University, London
    September 2019
    MSc. Game Development (Programming).
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology
    September 2012 to June 2017
    The Degree of Engineer in Software Engineering, Very Good Classification.
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology: Exchange Student
    September 2015 to December 2015
    Exchange Student.