What do game programmers hate?

I love to check Quora every day. There are many interesting contents up there, and I have to admit that I learned a lot by reading them.

One day I stumbled a particularly nice question asking about “What do programmers hate?”. I ended up going back every day just to see what do other programmers say. They did list out something that I would love to agree:

I won’t mention unmaintainable code, though
  • When managers want developers to bear schedule risk (Kurt Guntheroth).
  • Working in a team with a sloppy programmer and a wishy-washy designer (Dale Thomas).
  • Interruptions (Rahul Kumarwhen I’m in “the zone”.

    … you just woke up the dragon with that shoulder tap!
  • Questions from non-programmers (Aman Goel) such as hacking a fucking Facebook account or repairing a refrigerator.

Then one day I took a deep breath, picked my phone up and started to type my answer to the question. However, I added a small detail to the original question, so that I have a special edition: “What do game programmers hate?”

  1. Why does your game look so ugly?
    Because I’m a programmer, my job is writing code, not drawing a character nor creating a 3D model. It’s like you’re telling the artists why their games are so buggy.
  2. You are a programmer, why do you need faster PC?
    Because the game runs on my machine, with a lot of experimental features and unoptimized code. And waiting for the PC to work again since last crash is damn painful.
  3. You don’t need more than one monitor.
    Hell no. Every programmer should have two monitors. Or three, unless they say they only need one.
  4. Change this, it’s easy.
    It is not easy at all, I know full well the current code base and how the new features affect it. I can implement it for you, but please do not tell me that it is easy unless I say so.
  5. Hey, there is a bug.
    And? Can you please fucking tell me more about the details? When does the bug happen? What did you do to make it appear? What do you expect to see as the result of your action? And is it even in the fucking requirements?

My fellow game programmers, do you think I missed something? Let me see what you think!

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